Universal Studios Singapore – A must for every Indian family vacation

Universal Studios Singapore by DesiPassport

With so many flight options on offer to Singapore, flexible visa options, a must for every Indian family vacation surely has to be one for Universal Studios Singapore.

Located just off the main island, in the resort island of Sentosa, the Universal Studios experience is so unique, it’s hard to find in India. You may argue that we have our own Adlabs Imagica near Mumbai, Wonderla near Bangalore or Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram, well the Universal Studios Singapore experience is so way apart, it just has to be experienced to know.

Getting there –

You have so many flight options to Singapore and you may choose to even take a detour via Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. Read our earlier blog on Singapore for more tips & tricks.

Easiest way is to hail a taxi or Grab ( the Uber equivalent in Singapore ) and get straight to Sentosa Island. The car just crosses a bridge over the sea into the island, you could even walk that bridge or take the cute little monorail train across the two islands. Told you, fun begins early at Universal Studios, Singapore.

If you are one with an appetite for adventure ( and definitely not one with a fear of heights ) take the amazing Singapore rope-way gondola ride from Vivo City Mall on the edge of the main island and cross the straight from 100 meters in the air.

Now, onto Universal Studios and what awaits you there. The Singapore Universal Studios is unique in its way to be inside a full resort island, that of Sentosa. So, once you are there, there is just a lot to choose from.

To get into the Sentosa Universal Studios, you would need to buy a day pass at the counter. We suggest you buy it in advance online from many options available including on its website, on TripAdvisor or on Sentosa Island website.

DesiPassport Savings Tip : Don’t buy the day pass by itself, just buy the 5 day Singapore pass that includes a day trip to Universal Studios Singapore and you would save a good 20 – 30 %.

Once inside the Universal Studios, take your pick to spend the day based on your persona. What do we mean by that ?

Adventurous Desi Munda/ Kudi : The rides are what you need to hit, surely. Nothing is worth more than an adrenaline rush than to go down and take the roller-coasters, specially the transformers ride and the Shrek 4D adventure. Just be ready to go Topsy turfy and soak in the fun.

Universal Studios Singapore by DesiPassport
The fun filled rides at The Universal Studios Singapore

Relaxed Desi  Fun Seeker : If you are not the one seeking the thrill and shrill of the rides, Universal Studios Singapore has lots for you too. Tons of wonderful shows like the Lost World and the Water World will keep you entertained without any dangerous misadventures. Keep walking through the park and you will be sure to spot and take a picture with Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin, yes you read that right.

The Foodie Desi : There are so many options for food at the Universal Studios Singapore, you will be spoilt for choice. If you can’t let go off your masala cravings, there is India food in store too. Just walk into the many food stall or restaurants and have a relaxing day out.

DesiPassport Tip : Carry water, a small towel and wear comfortable shoes. It may get a little tiring by the end of the day if you don’t keep yourself hydrated.

If you don’t like queuing up in line, like most of us Indians do, just buy an additional Singapore $30 Express pass along with your regular entry pass and skip through a VIP line.

Enjoy and share with us your Universal Studios story.


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