Top things to do in Phuket- Thailand Thrills :Activities & Attractions!

Thailand Diaries for an Indian Traveller- Top things to do in Phuket

So Phuket was definitely the hottest destination in Thailand for Indian travelers in 2017 and the trend is just getting stronger in 2018. The beauty of this island gateway is that it has something for every kind of  traveler- relaxing palm beach lounging spots to great water excursions to island hopping tours/parties and even cultural museums and explorations. 2018 has 16 long weekends coming up and if you are looking for a quick breather with your partner, then Phuket is definitley the place to be! Check out my list of top things to do in Phuket, Thailand:

#1 Patong Beach

Yes, it is overcrowded with throngs of tourists and yes Thailand has many a more scenic beaches but you absolutely cannot miss out a day sun lounging at Patong Beach because it stands for the ultimate international spirit of Thailand tourism- vibrant and colourful with throngs of tourists from across the globe.

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand
Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand                                                                                      Source:

So on our first day of landing at Phuket, we headed straight to Patong beach to start off our holiday. Grab a beach lounger with an umbrella and some coolers and simply lie down and enjoy the sun, sand and turquoise waters!

#2 Fish therapy

Do get one of the very famous “Fish therapy” : immerse your feet in the fish tank and they eat off the dead skin giving a tingly needle like sensation which does look pretty queasy at first sight but it felt super relaxing as you gradually get the hang of it!

Fish Therapy at Phuket, Thailand
Fish Therapy at Phuket, Thailand                    Source: Waysofwelness

Best part- your feet have never looked any prettier post this therapy…Strongly recommend this in my top things to do in Phuket list. I tried it during the first day of my trip; though if you have time get it done after all the sand and beach excursions and head back home with pretty feet.

You can also try some of the luxurious body massages and Hair-spa if you are up for it.

#3 Phuket Weekend Night Market

At night you must visit the Phuket Weekend Night Market to try the Thai authentic grub and enjoy the vibrant market aura.

Phuket Weekend Night Market
Phuket Weekend Night Market                                Source: TripAdvisor

There are some great options for Veggies as well. Also do check out some of the cool T-shirt stalls at this market.

Phuket Weekend Night Market
Phuket Weekend Night Market

#4 FantaSea

This is the highlight of the cultural Thai extravaganza showcasing Thailand’s rich culture coupled with aerial stunts, acrobatics, lights, tech-special effects coupled together with Tigers and Elephants.

Phuket Fantasea
Phuket Fantasea                                                                     Source: PhuketAllTours

It’s an eye-opener huge Theme Cultural Village very different from the typical party land that Phuket is. Spend time roaming around the Carnival Village and indulge in some games and shopping.

Phuket Fantasea
Phuket Fantasea                                                           Source: PhuketAllTours

Post the show we enjoyed an equally extravagant buffet dinner at the biggest restaurant I have ever seen.


#5-Full Moon Party

Well the name says it all! This party takes place on the night of full moon lunar cycle at the beach of the beautiful Koh Phangan island with clear waters, thick forests and great sandy beach.

Full Moon Party, Phuket, Thailand
Full Moon Party, Phuket, Thailand                                                                 Source: Theprivateworld

The music is mostly EDM and great fire shows captivate the eyes. Party-goers get trendy in fluorescent body paints which gives the party an eclectic look in the moon light.

Full Moon Party, Phuket, Thailand
Full Moon Party, Phuket, Thailand                                                  Source: Phangan Utopia Resorts

The entry fees is 100 BHT per person. Check out their schedule and do attend this if you happen to be in Phuket around full moon time.

#6- Island Hopping

Phuket has some exciting day island hopping trips and boat parties. Watch out for our Thailand series for an update on best day trips in and around Phuket.


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