Let’s Summer in Europe- what to pack for the fashion-savvy

So last summer in Europe I backpacked my way across Spain and France and I realized that you need to have your fashion game A-plus because Europe is very fresh,vibrant and extremely fashionable in summers. It was all pastels and florals coupled with some nice hair accessories for a fresh and bright summery look.

So if you are planning to head to the European sub-continent then here’s my fashion guide on what to pack for a perfect summer in Europe:

Tank Tops & Shorts











If you want to cycle your way around the old village towns of France like I did, then this is the perfect way to do it…comfortable as also very vibrant and young. Accessorize with some trendy shades to match and pedal your way through the cobbled streets lined with the beautiful small-town cafes.



Spain and France have some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe. Nice in South France is definitely more upper crust known for its trendy bikinis and swimwear.

Nice beach, South France
Nice beach, South France                                       Source: BestTourism


Check out the Beachcafe collection for some trendy swimwear.  Flaunt a trendy beachbag, shades and beach slip-ons to complete your look. Make sure you carry all your beach essentials as the sun can be harsh if you are out all day long.










Well European summer is never complete without lots of colourful linen dresses or tops. Try out the brighter shades in linen dresses this summer. Yellow and baby pink definitely stand out and are my absolute favorites in linen.

Check out some great styles in linen at Marks and Spencers. Pair with trendy sandals and let those hair lose under a summer hat.

Trendy handbags and dresses

Dresses in floral, polka, stripes and pastels are very in and usually paired with trendy handbags to give a nice touristy. Evening dinners are dominated by maxi dresses and oodles of make-up.









So let’s book those tickets and bring on a fashionable 2018 summer vacation. Check great booking details on our blog Europe tours from India via London





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