Best Skydiving Destinations in Europe for the Desi Indian Traveller

Let’s jump out of a plane! Well that’s something a lot of us talk about when planning a Euro trip but few get around to actually doing it.  Adventure sports are a favourite among most Indian millennials travelling to Europe in the summer and Skydiving in Europe is the big millennial vacation dream. It is scary and it’s crazy but I strongly recommend that if you are going with a bunch of friends then this is the most fun activity that you will remember for a long time in future to come. Most of the European drop-zones are well equipped with excellent facilities, safety measures, good weather conditions in summer and great instructors.  Pictures and videos of the skydive are always charged extra at all these destinations across Europe!

So select one of these perfect drop-zone for your jump which maybe convenient to your itinerary destinations.

  1. Seville, Spain- Highest Altitude

The Tandem skydive or the freefall is what most Indians opt for during their Euro trip and Seville in Spain is perfect for the daredevils as it has the highest altitude permissible in Europe for freefall- 15000 ft. And for one minute you will experience free fall at 130 mph! Crazy, aint it?

Seville Skydive, Spain, Europe
Seville Skydive, Spain, Europe

Seville is near to the coastline and you will see the vast expanse of ocean while falling. The weather is great and dives generally never get cancelled.

2. Prague, Czech Republic- Great deal for the travel nomad !

A popular destination among Indian travellers, Prague has many skydiving destinations. I would recommend Sky Service– they are very professional and safety conscious. You get transfers to and fro in a van to the filed for a briefing before an instructor assisted free-fall. Remember to take back a certificate and free t-shirt. So go for it if you are heading to Prague this summer.


3. Interlaken, Switzerland- Let’s do it in Style!

Well the Swiss Alps are like nothing else in the world and this dive will showcase some of the best that Switzerland has to offer- from lakes to the massive alp, you can see it all in this free-fall from 14,000 ft. Sky Dive Interlaken is one of the few sites where you get to drop off from a helicopter also.

Skydive, Interlaken, Switzerland-Europe
Skydive, Interlaken, Switzerland-Europe                                                                        Source: Outdoor Interlaken

This is expensive though as compared to other European dives and costs around 395 CHF ( INR = 29,000 approx.) without any picture and videos.

4. Siofok, Hungary- Value for your money

Prices are great 90 Euro ( INR= 7200 aprox.), the facilities excellent and the jump is from a chopper. Siofok is an hours drive from Budapest and has good connectivity by train and bus.

5. Langar Airfield, Nottingham- ’cause it’s British!

One of the oldest with best safety records, the Skydive Langar has been functional since 1977. Prices vary round the week and weekends are more expensive; so plan on a weekday.

Skydive at Langar Airfield, Nottingham, London-England
Skydive at Langar Airfield, Nottingham, London-England          Source:TripAdvisor

If you are travelling to London then save a day in your itinerary. It’s about 3 hours from London.

So that’s our list to help you include skydiving in your Euro Trip ….catch more on our Europe blogs for the desi Indian traveller.. Signing off !







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