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Phi Phi Island is a great snorkeling destination because it has some of the best beaches with exotic marine life and best custom snorkeling tours in all of Thailand. So I tried a few of these tour packages during my 6 days trip to Phi Phi island and Phuket and absolutely loved all of them.

Here’s a list of must do snorkeling trips when in Phi Phi :

# Maya Bay Snorkeling

Maya Bay Snorkeling, Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Maya Bay Snorkeling, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Definitely the most popular water excursion from Phuket, its about  45 minutes by speed boat from Phuket and you will find plentiful operators. Maya Bay has plentiful reefs with crystal clear waters and corals and abundant marine life– clownfish, parrotfish, sea anemones , clam etc. I went in december and it cost around 2000 baht ( INR=4000 approx.) on a speedboat but the prices may vary across the year.


#Plankton snorkel tour

Glowing Plankton, Phi Phi island, Thailand
Glowing Plankton, Phi Phi island, Thailand

Enjoy nature’s creation : the bio-luminescent plankton in night snorkeling tours. This experience is completely different from day-time snorkeling. We carried flashlights underwater to watch the nocturnal sea creatures and on covering the torchlight you can see the glowing plankton. It is a mesmerizing surreal experience.

These trips leave in the late afternoon on local longtail boats and you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and watch the bio-luminescence. Sometimes the boats need to stop at night on the island itself, so advisable to go prepared for a night stay on the island. You can chat with tour operators like Voyagin for all the details but the package is approximately between 3000-4000 INR  again depending on which time of the year you are visiting.


# Shark snorkeling

Shark Snorkeling, Long Beach, Phi Phi island, Thailand
Shark Snorkeling, Long Beach, Phi Phi island, Thailand

Definitely sounded scary and I was a bit queasy at first but it’s worth the buzz. We went with a local longtail boat that you easily get for hire along-with other tourists on a sharing basis and saw small sized ( about a metre and a half maybe) sharks about 8-9 of them and plentiful fish down at Long Beach. The currents are a bit strong so advisable to stay close with your group and not venture around alone.

So you wanna snorkel? Just sayin’.

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