Melbourne’s celebrated shopping paradise – Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne’s favourite shopping destination- Queen Victoria Market is a must visit on your things to do checklist when in Australia.

This is one of its kind of marketplace in Melbourne where you can get everything from clothing, jewelry to souvenirs to fish and breads – you name it you got it!

So last October on my Melbourne trip, I went ape crazy shopping till I had burnt out every bit of energy left in me. Australia is generally expensive to shop what with currency exchange rate and the expensive malls but the Queen Victoria Market popularly called ” Queen Vic” or “Vic Market” probably offers the best deals in town. So grab your wallet and let’s go shopping.

Getting there

I took the free tram service along the tourist zone. Trams operate in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction every 12 minutes. Check out the detailed route map and timetable.

City Circle Tram Service, Melbourne
City Circle Tram Service, Melbourne

You can also take the train or a cab if you feel like. The market is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays so plan accordingly. Check out the updated market timings.

# Window shop before you buy

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia
Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia                                                                                                Source: JetSetting Fools

There are plentiful vendors with colourful stalls selling their stuff – so look around all the choices before buying.

#Money honey

Keep around 100 Australian dollars and you should be able to fill up those gift bags to take home for family and friends. I bought some Australian boomerangs for my niece and nephew back home in India and Kangaroo replicas for some friends in Pune and they absolutely loved the gifts.

Artefacts at Queen Victoria Market                                    Source: India2Australia

And I got myself some great deals on trendy sunglasses and wallets.

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne , Australia
Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne , Australia                                                                                                            Source: Victraders 

# Ultimate foodie paradise

Queen Victoria Market is also the best place for satisfying those cravings that you have when shopping. There are some foodie tours also if you are specially interested though I found them to be a wee bit expensive. You will see lovely bustling cafes in and around the market and an entire lane with packed cafes. The aroma of baking and coffee is divine. They just love their coffee in Melbourne.

Muleta's Cafe near Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Muleta’s Cafe near Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

I would strongly recommend that you enjoy a coffee at one of these cafes and try out the house flavors suggested by them. I had a frothy latte at the muleta’s cafe near the market and absolutely loved it.

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