Make Scotland your next desi travel destination

Ediburgh Scotland

You’ve heard the name before, you’ve probably seen pictures of it before – trust us when we say this – Make Scotland your next desi travel destination. Why you ask ? Let us break it down for you :

  1. Between the High and the Low : No, don’t assume yet. We’ve not opened Scotland’s favourite produce yet. We mean the ever so picturesque Highlands and Lowlands donning the Scottish landscape. Imagine desktop screensavers coming to life, a view you have to see to believe. Right from the famous Loch Ness to the pristine experiences of Loch Lomond, the view are just unbelievable. Some of the prettiest in Europe.
    The serene beauty of Loch Ness in Scotland
  2. The Old and the New : Scotland has to be one of those unique places where the old lives in harmony with the new. Plan a couple of days in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh and you would be sure to enjoy glimpses of the Scottish culture. Head a little north to one of the wondrous castles to experience the food and life of the real Scotland. While down a bit south, spend a weekend in the party capital of Glasgow – filled with lively streets, pubs and young people.
    Ediburgh Scotland
    The shot of Edinburgh from atop the castle
  3. The people and what they cook : Well, not quite if you’re a vegetarian but there’s enough goodies for everyone. The food in Scotland is unlike any that you might have tasted and they just love to feed you. The sausages and the pie’s are heavenly to the core. If you’re a vegetarian, there are some delicious veggie pie’s and breads for you to try – don’t feel left out. And the people who server them – oh are the Scott’s friendly or what. So, don’t be surprised when they crack jokes at almost everything – from taking cash at the counter to calling you out to ride a taxi.
  4. For the love of scotch : Wait a minute, did you think we’d not talk about it ? Well, it has to be what Indian’s associate Scotland with, maybe along with the bagpiper occasionally though ( all pun intended ). This is scotch heaven if you swear by it, from the light to the dark and the strong to the stronger.  Dozens of Scottish distilleries line the highlands for you to walk in, taste, experience and even buy out authentic stuff.
    Scotch Scotland
    Numerous tasting and experience options in distilleries in Scotland

Now, that we have give you a glimpse of why Scotland needs to be in your Desi holiday plan, stay tuned for more about how and when to travel. Coming soon.

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