Jumeirah Beach – 5 things you must do here on your desi Dubai holiday

Jumeirah beach

When you think Dubai, you think of the mighty buildings, the swanky cars and those glittering malls. Yes, sure there is that. Hang on, there is also this beautiful relaxed Jumeirah beach that no one talks about much. And I will, because I did explore this beautiful part of Dubai. So, when on your desi Dubai holiday, here are 5 things you must do without a miss :

  1. Plan a stroll ! No, push it for a jog – No kidding, as I found out , the side-front around the Jumeirah beach was the best places in Dubai to do a great morning jog. Super modern synthetic tracks , with clear markings of meters covered and a wooden side walk in case you just wish to stroll.
    Jumeriah Beach sidewalk
    Jog or Walk – Jumeriah Beach style

    Leave your hotel early morning to reach the Jumeirah beach before the sun glares down hard.  Most hotels will have a free shuttle to the beach – check at reception. Alternately, just hop on a taxi or an Uber / Careem ( Dubai’s very own app based cab service ).

    Jumeirah jogging track
    Jumeirah beach synthetic jogging track, with distance markers

    Best part, you will find a bunch of super fit Dubai citizens joining you with a smile. I always find it great to talk to the locals and soak in the spirit of the city,  and like me, this will be your chance to get some great inside tips on the real Dubai.

  2.  Plan out a nice sunny lunch by the sea : Dubai is known for world famous restaurants, celebrity chefs and sumptuous world cuisine. Add this lunch recommendation up that list. The view to match up, there are a line of restaurants on the side-walk for you to choose from, including a couple that offer beach seating and service.
    Restaurants - Jumeirah beach
    Lunch by the Jumeirah beach

    There is also a ton of cuisines to choose from but I do recommend you try some freshly cooked local fare.

  3. Up for some water sports ? Just go for it. If you’re adventurous enough try the JetSki or the fly board. If you want to take it easy and not send the family into panic mode, take a quiet shared yatch ride ( the whole boat ride will cost you AED 400-600 ) or a standing canoe. Just look around for directions to the boat club or the many private owned JetSki stalls. Ask around if your not sure where to find them.
    A yatch at Jumeirah
    A yatch at Jumeirah beach
  4. Laze on the sand and sip some juice : If you’re thinking I’m kidding you now, please do trust me on this. This is arguably one of the cleanest sands that you would have stepped on and the turquoise coloured water of the sea adds to the perfect setting for a day out in the beach. The Jumeirah beach has to be a favorite with both tourists and locals relaxing – taking a break from the mad-rush city that is known to be Dubai.
    Jumeirah beach
    Lazing by the sun kissed Jumeirah beach


    Oh, and the juice – yes you got to try the freshly squeezed juices at Jamba Juice kiosk just by the sidewalk, it makes up for the few cents missing in the amazing day out at the beach experience.

  5. Watch out for some kite surfing Wondering what this new beast is in town ? Exactly why you need to see it in action. Head to the kite surf beach just down south the Jumeirah beach and watch Dubai’s pros surfing the waters holding on to a parachute shaped kite.
    Kite Surfing Dubai
    Kite Surfing at Jumeirah Beach , Dubai

    And if you’ve done some surfing in your life before, grab the moment – get some quick lessons or rent out a kit  and awe some more people like me.

Happy day out at the beach !

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