International flight deals in Jan 2018 you cannot miss !

International flight deals from India Jan 2018

It’s January and the amazing International flight deals from India to the world are here. I always feel, Jan is a great month to book your tickets for the year in advance, specially if you have travel plans to Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Couple of reasons for that – Airlines are in super competitive mode to book up early revenues for the year to use in business operations. And as demand creeps up going into vacation season of June – August, so does the prices.

No wonder, all major airlines are up with some of the best deals ( specially on economy fares ) in this month. So, let me put on my desi deal finder hat and list them out for you, to make the choices easy.

  1. Etihad Airways Sale : Yes, this airline based out of Abu Dhabi is offering a sale for its flights out of India to destinations such as the United States, Europe and obviously to the Middle-East. The options are for travel out of cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai. You have some great sale deals to grab, including economy return fares from Mumbai – Paris under ₹ 40,000 , Ahmedabad-London economy return fares under ₹ 38,000.
    Etihad Deals Jan 2018
    Some great sale offers on flights out of Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai on Etihad Airways                                                                                                                                      Source : Etihad Airways

    The sale offer is up for grabs until 22nd January 2018 for travel until end of the year.

  2. Emirates Airlines Featured Fares : Not falling behind it’s regional competitor, the luxury airline company from Dubai is offering great deals on its flights via Dubai to the United States, all across Europe and also to all across Middle East and Africa. There are some jaw-dropping fares, considering Emirates’ high demands on fares, like return economy class fares from Mumbai to Dubai under ₹ 15,000 and Mumbai to New York under ₹ 68,500.
    Emirates Featured Fares Jan 2018
    Some exciting return fares from Mumbai to across Europe, Africa and the United States – from Emirates Airlines

    Add to it the comfort and the luxury that Emirates is so famous for ( they do through is some Desi love with their Indian food on board too ) , I bet these fares are a steal. These fares are available for grabs till 29th January for travel till later in the year.

  3. Jet Airways India International Sale : Our desi airline based out of Mumbai is offering some tempting round trip offers to Europe as part of its India International sale. You would find some great offers like Mumbai – London ( Non – Stop ) under ₹ 40,000 and Mumbai – Brussels under ₹ 38,000.
    Jet Airways International Sale Jan 2018
    Great return fares from India to Europe from Jet Airways

    These fares can be grabbed by booking before 31st January for travel until end of September.  Happy travels, happy savings.

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