Inside Secrets for the Indian traveler : Why it pays to be loyal to one hotel chain !

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This is a secret, I have been waiting to share with you for a while – well secrets are to be shared, right ? ( pun intended ). I will tell you the exact 5 reasons in this 5 minute read, why it pays to be loyal to one hotel chain on your travels.

Let’s begin !

  1. Reward Points : Is that a secret ? You’ll be thinking. I am kidding you not. Well, let me tell you how it pays further. As you stay more at a particular hotel chain, not only do you accumulate points that will help you book for later dates using those rewards, it will help you book other hotels if you don’t find your favourite hotel available. How does that work ? Well, all good hotel chains are part of what is known as group loyalty programs like Global Hotel Alliance. So, do sign up immediately on your hotel chain’s loyalty program.
  2. Freebies : Being loyal pays, specially when it comes to hotel chains, with various freebies as you keep staying with them. Free unlimited wi-fi on multiple devices, breakfasts for free that would have otherwise come for millions, free dinners too with complimentary drinks and to top it off free pick-up & drop-off to the airport. They seriously will pay back your loyalty with some pampering and honest warmth. It does pay to be loyal to one hotel chain, yes to freebies always.
  3. Upgrades : Don’t we love them. I have had my hotel chain upgrade me free to a luxury suites when executive rooms were occupied or fully booked in advance. Once I had them give me & my wife a full villa instead of a tent we had booked at that resort over New Years with the gala dinner thrown in for free. Even if there is no upgrade available, as a loyal customer you can always request front desk for a higher floor room or a room with a view, chances are they will oblige without a question. Occasionally, I have had free upgrades made to late check-outs till 4:00 pm which helps if you have a flight out late in the evening.
  4. Free Laundry : Call me a scrooge but hosiery washing for 300 a piece ? It hurts. So, when you become loyal to your hotel chain, they will do laundry for you – free. Well, there is a limit – so don’t carry your wedding suite to your next holiday to get it dry cleaned for free. I love this bit and surely one of the best part of my stay at the hotel is when they wave off the laundry bill at check-out. Pure gold.
  5. Gifts and hampers : Who does not like gifts ? And like a benevolent friend , my preferred hotel chain sure showers us with lovely gifts & hampers for me and my wife. Specially, if it’s an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Should I add, some hampers also did await us in the room when we stayed at one of their resorts – a bagful of nice goodies like chocolates, cookies and perfume bottles.

So, in conclusion like that popular golden egg laying hen, it does pay to be loyal to one hotel chain in the long run. Happy travels.

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