Floating in the dead sea – An experience not to be missed

DesiPassport Dead Sea Jordan

If you are planning a trip to UAE, then DesiPassport highly recommends extending your stay by 4 days and travel to Jordan. Why you ask? One absolute reason is floating in the dead sea – an experience not to be missed.

Well for starters, you can explore the entire country in that much time. With its beautiful yet diverse landscape Jordan is an adventure waiting to be explored.

Well so what do you start with? The Dead Sea of course!

The Dead Sea is basically not a sea, it’s a lake. A humongous lake, surrounded by Israel and Jordan on both sides. The rate of evaporation is extremely high and with diminishing water supply, the Dead Sea is sadly dying i.e. shrinking. All the more reason to visit pronto. Plus its the lowest point on earth. So if you are feeling low…now you know where to go!

Our Indian driving license is valid in Jordan. We highly recommend hiring a self drive car, there are many car rentals near Queen Alia Airport in Amman. We rented our car from Monte Carlo Car Rentals. The formalities took us only 10 minutes and we were good to go.

After a stunning 3 hour drive on the Kings highway and one unfortunate detour, we reached the Dead Sea resort which we had booked for a 3 hour span. We had a sumptuous lunch and got ready to dive…err…float in the famous natural wonder.

Desi tip – Please carry and rub good old coconut oil on every part of your body (both exposed and non exposed) generously before even entering the water. The water is highly saline and packs a nasty sting especially if there is an exposed cut or wound. Goggles are an absolute necessity.

DesiPassport Path to the Dead Sea
A wonderful pathway leads to the dead sea, which literally is dying. The markers keeping a tab of it’s death.

We swam, floated, struggled in the water for a good 5 mins after which our coconut oil forcefield started wearing off. Others too around us were struggling to stay in the water for a long period due to the sting. Plus the sea bed is quite jagged so you’ve got to be careful about that.

If you are on a tight schedule we recommend the 3 hour package for Dinar 35 ( around ₹ 3500 ) . They offer you changing rooms, toilets, towels, mud packs with minerals from the dead sea, beach chairs and a scrumptious lunch. If not then you can stay back a night at any of the Dead sea resorts on your way back.

Desi tip – if you are on a tight budget, then you can go to any no frills public beach on the dead sea.



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