Europe tour from India via London – 5 reasons why

DesiPassport London Vacation

An Europe tour from India – a very popular vacation plan for many. Having done quite a few trips, I could happily report to you that your Europe tour could absolutely be a breeze if you take it after landing in London. Raised eyebrows yet ? Here’s why I say that.

  1. Namaste London : No Europe tour can be complete with a visit to this colonial capital. The Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Wimbledon, London Bridge, Madame Tussaud, Lords Cricket Ground, Trafalgar square, Piccadilly – the count just wouldn’t end. London has to be on your list in that long planned Europe tour from India. So, why not make it your anchor point and hop from there.
    DesiPassport London Thames
    A boat ride on the river Thames will be many things you can do in your vacation to London.
  2. Flight Connections : Have you checked the air fares from Mumbai to London, Delhi to London or even Bangalore to London ? If you have not, let me tell you – they are the lowest from any Indian city to any other European city. There are several reasons for this – the number of connections to London is far greater than to any other city to Europe, making prices competitive. Also, the number of passengers travelling to London, work and otherwise, making fares affordable.
  3. Gateway to Europe : Have you read the incredible story of the guy who travels to London for work everyday from Barcelona ? Yes, Barcelona – you read that right. And too with savings rather than he would have staying in London. Do you know why it’s possible ? Just the incredibly budget friendly commute options that you have from London – from coach ( read bus ), rail to cheap air travel. EuroRail, Ryan Air, BMI would be some of the many options that you would be happy to book with to travel to Paris, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona or even Belfast. More details of these options in our other blog soon.
    DesiPassport Euro Rail
    The Euro Rail connections from London to cities like Paris makes travel across Europe very easy.
  4. Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani : And you will find a lot of Hindustan in London. Just not food, you will find a lot of expat Indian businesses in London in the travel industry. Travel agents, coach services, booking agencies and forex traders – many of them of Indian origin are there with special travel options  for the Indian traveler on their Europe tour. From Hindi speaking guides to special Indian food throughout the journey to visa help, the help available is absolutely incredible.
  5. Pound the heavyweight : Speaking from experience, the value of the GBP or the Pound as we so lovingly have been known to call it has had very little fluctuations compared to the Euro. So when you need to buy your forex for that dream come true Europe tour from India, why not buy it in the Pound. And as you complete your visit to London and head to the new European cities, get better rates when you change them in those cities into the Euro. Another tip that you might not have known.

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