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Cliff jumping, Phi phi island, Thailand

Our Thailand series continues and we have something exciting for the Indian adventure sports enthusiast. So if you are travelling to Phi Phi island anytime soon then try the extreme adventure sport- Cliff Jumping.

Phi Phi island is the new craze around town – what with being featured across movies and songs and its world popular island hopping tours. Its the ultimate beachbum paradise – it offers everything from mind-blowing sightseeing with towering cliffs jutting out in the clear green waters to great island hopping boat tours and that crazy nightlife is something that Thailand has always lived upto- and well yeah ! Ph Phi is definitely no disappointment there.

Cliff jumping/ diving at Phi Phi islands gained eyeballs with Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013 which showcased some fantastic dives and jumping venues and then soar to  popularity recently with crazy videos and Instagram stories that have been doing the rounds. It “Gives you wings!”, literally!

This hair-raising sport requires absolutely no extra equipment or extra clothing- all it needs is a daredevil spirit but again it should not be done un-monitored or alone.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World - Phi Phi Island, Thailand Series
Red Bull Cliff Diving World – Phi Phi Island, Thailand Series                                                                             Source: Red Bull

Disclaimer: Do not attempt if you cannot swim

There are many tour agents and companies that give a guided cliff jumping day tour in the afternoon. Popular ones include . Generally starts with about 6 metres for a practice jump. Most packages include cliff jumping, snorkeling and boat parties in a day and all in all it is good fun with a bunch of friends.

Cliff Jumping, Phi Phi island , Thailand
Cliff Jumping, Phi Phi island , Thailand                                                                                                         Source: RussellAbroad


Subsequently the tour guide takes you to better jumping venues ranging between 8-18 metres. But the final call is yours, the guide does not jump with you- it is totally solo and unassisted jump. Guides only take you to the perfect jumping venues, they provide shoes and gloves to help climb the rocks and tell you the best way to jump-where to keep your hands and feet etc.

Wear some comfortable shorts or swimwear for the jump. Go in groups -its always more fun. The tour boat that you hire generally has enthusiasts from across the globe. If you are travelling to Thailand with a bunch of friends then this is highly recommended and a lot more fun since you have people to boost and cheer you up!!


So you wanna snorkel? Just sayin’. Hit us up as our Thailand series continues…..

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