Cheers ! Now a visa on arrival in Dubai for Indians

Visa on Arrival

Dubai has always been such a preferred getaway for the desi Indian traveler crowd. Close from home, easy and cheap flight options make it even more attractive. Add to it the dazzle of the millennium city and the many thrills that it provides. One wishlist, could there be a visa on arrival for Dubai ?

Sadly not till now. It has always been tough and expensive to plan out a trip to the UAE given that as a holder of the Indian passport you needed to have a visa in advance it travel, such a dampener to random long weekend plans to the thrill of the middle east.  That is all about to change with the new “Visa on Arrival” advantage available for Indians.
Here is what you need to know to avail this big advantage :
1. From May 2017, cheers, if you have a valid and active US visa or a green card, you need not apply for a UAE visa
2. You should have a US visit visa valid for 6 months or more. Your passport should have a 6 months plus validity too.
3. Just book your tickets for Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Sharjah and head there directly.
3. All you need to do is to go to immigration and get a visa on arrival for Dubai for just AED 120 ( current charges, subject to change ) for a period of 14 days. You can also extend the validity by a additional 14 days with AED 250
Dubai International Airport
Dubai International Airport – the gateway to Dubai
The visa on arrival for Dubai is a lot cheaper than the regular 30 day tourist visa fees that you would have to pay either to your local travel agent or online through the Emirates website, Eitihad website or Dubai Visa website.
So, hop on to your flight with vacay plans to the oasis of the dessert.

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