Amman, Jordan – you need to add it to your desi travel bucket list

DesiPassport Amman Jordan

Most Indians would have never heard this name in the popular list of vacay destination and I blame them not. For long this jewel has eluded the travel itinerary of the desi traveler. I bet you Amman, Jordan – you need to add it to your desi travel bucket list this year. Read on to discover Amman and what to do there.

Amman is the capital of the country of Jordan, located in the middle east tucked away between Israel, Palestine, to the west and Saudi Arabia to the east. It is also a city full of history and culture with ancient human settlements donning the slopes of this mountainous city.

Here is what should be on the list of 5 must do’s in Amman :

  1. The Citadel :  Amman’s most iconic historic site, still standing tall among the ruins of the past. This ancient temple is full of history and insights into anthropology. What does stand out though is the magnificence of the fallen yet grand pillars, just taking your breath away.
    DesiPassport Citadel Amman
    The remaining columns of The Citadel
  2. Roman Theater : If you google Amman, this amazing landmark is sure to show up in the results. An amphitheater style set of stairs reminiscent of those epic scenes from Ben Hur or Gladiator. A must add on your visit to Amman.
    DesiPassport Roman Theater Amman Jordan
    The Roman Theater, sits stunningly in the centre of the city of Amman
  3. Rainbow Street Market : Now, this is a place quite unique to the city and apart from all the museums, the historic sites and monuments this is a place of must visit. Also referred to as the Souk Jara ( souk = bazaar ) , this is a colorful market full of stores and shops selling unique Jordanian textiles in the centre of Amman. What also makes this place special is the line of amazing restaurants and cafes that line this street always popular with tourists. Must visit.
  4. Abdoun Bridge : Not everything in Amman is old and historic. There is fair bit of modernity in this thriving city. One that caught our eve ( disclaimer : Debashree is an architect ) is this wonderfully designed modern suspension bridge while driving through Amman. And the most amazing fact that we got to know, guess who built it – our very own desi Larsen and Tubro Limited.
    Modern suspension road bridge, built by our own desi L&T folks                   Source :


  5. Amman Hills : Now, don’t imagine a steep hillock with a trek challenge involved. And yes, we don’t recommend you pack some trek shoes either. The beauty of Amman the city is definitely in its terrain, the entire population is living in houses along the slopes of the hills. Driving through the narrow lanes just is a joy. A very unique experience indeed.

Jordan is just an amazing place to visit, do read our earlier blog on the Dead Sea and the thrill of floating.

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