A tropical forest in the middle of the city – Gardens by the bay, Singapore

Gardens by the bay, Singapore

A must visit, when in Singapore – Gardens by the bay is a tropical wonder in the middle of the otherwise concrete city. The best time to plan a visit is the evening, once the humid Singaporean weather cools down. It is a just about a kilometre away from the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel , but don’t even think about walking it down. A rush of traffic filled roads and a lengthy U-turn will ensure a tiring walk, unless fitbit declares you a healthy adult.

We hired a taxi down to the place from the Marina Bay Sands gate, where you need to line up to jump into a taxi. Plan your trip well, it would take you 2-3 hours to see most part of this amazing paradise. Tickets can be bought at the venue or online on their website. You may also want to check out the amazing ticket price offers available on Klook or Viator. If you pay online or buy a deal, you will save a good $2-5 on each ticket.

As you go in to the Gardens, plan your walk well. Use the wonderful interactive map available on Gardens by the bay website. It is a large area, primarily has to be covered by walking, so decide on your priorities. Trust me, don’t try to cover everything or risk spending the rest of your evening whining in foot pain.

Tropical Trees inside the dome
Trees from Africa & South America line up under the dome.

Even someone like me, who isn’t a biology lover by any degree, this is a fascinating place. The variety of the “Cloud Forest” dome and the “Flower Dome” are a must do. The variety of flowers, plants and seeing them thrive in a controlled environment is just marvelous.

African Trees
Trees which I had not seen before.

Take your time to read through the information along the walk , fills you with so much knowledge. Not to forget the walks around the “Super Tree” groves which just feel surreal , bordering around alien.

The Super Trees
The Super Trees, as they are called all around the area.

End your journey by a cozy walk around the “Heritage Gardens” or  have a cozy evening mug of coffee at the several dining options available there. Strongly recommend the “Satay by the bay” restaurant


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