5 top reasons for an Indian family vacation to Bangkok by April 2019

Bangkok holiday for Indian Family

Yes, you read that right. An Indian FAMILY vacation to Bangkok, by April 2019. We at DesiPassport will tell you from our own experience, why you need to plan this NOW. Let’s roll

  1. SAVE 4,800 per person on Visas – Indian vacationers have thronged long to the streets of Bangkok, Thailand for one major reason – we have Visa on Arrival (VoA). And with just around 2-3 hours away from any Indian city, it is surely the closest true ‘foreign’ we have. Now, the good news – Thai authorities have waived off the Thai Baht ( approx Rupees 4,800 ) visa fees till April 2019.
    Thailand visa on arrival for Indians, details by DesiPassport
    The best feeling – no visa fees plus visa on arrival for 15 days.

    So all you need to do now is to get on a plane and land there with a valid Indian passport ( should be valid for 6 months of more ) , a confirmed hotel booking ( check out some great offers here ) and approximately 10,000 Baht in currency ( best Forex rates for Thai Baht ). And voila, the Indian vacation to Bangkok starts.

  2.  Airfares to Bangkok are the cheapest right now – With most domestic airlines trying to cash in on Thailand vacationers, the airfares are super attractive right now. All 3 of the Indian budget airlines – Indigo, Spicejet and GoAir (flying to Phuket, Thailand) have daily flights from all the metros and many other cities of India. Add to that some great bank offers that you can apply on these flights to save even further. Not sure which dates to fly on – here’s our expert trip ( take the Wednesday or Thursday flight ) to Bangkok and then take the Monday or Tuesday flight back. They will be the cheapest and you will squeeze in the weekend (trust us, you do want to be on the weekend there). Click to view and book some great offers.
  3. There is something for everyone, yes everyone – This might be a dampener but Bangkok’s reputation as the ‘Sin City’ is certainly hyped up to boost salesman spirits for that Bangkok trip incentive. Well, you could still explore that but the city certainly has more to offer to Indian family vacationers. Take spirituality for instance, charm your mum by taking her to the Emerald Buddha temple or to the temple of the lying Buddha. Splurge on some great shopping in the many shopping malls ( MBK, Pavillion, Ikonsiam, Central Embassy and Terminal 21 are a must ) or get into bargaining mode in some super street shopping deals at Chatuchak weekend market, Pratunam – be ready to meet Indian shopkeepers here (slice of India in Bangkok). Adventure junkie ? – Take off to Pattaya just couple of hours away for a day trip of awesome adventure rides in Thailand.
    Bangkok Indian Restaurants Desipassport
    The bit of “little India” inside Bangkok. The markets of Pratunam ( seen here ) and Chatuchak are a must visit on your trip.
  4. The cultural season in Thailand is in –  Much like in many parts of India in April, the Thai New Year ( Songkran – so similar to our ‘Sankrant’ ) happens to be in mid April. The whole city is decked up in festive atmosphere ( not to forget the extended Chinese New Year celebration is still on during this time too ) and expect a lot of cultural processions, glorious fragrances all around and a lot of song & dance. The Thai people are very welcoming and you would not be surprised to see the locals pulling you into these celebrations and immersing you in a wonderful cultural experience.
    Desipassport Songkran in Thailand
    Immerse yourself into an unique set of festivities with the locals and hopefully some elephants too.
  5. Long weekends in March & April make it easy to plan – Whichever part you are in India, you are sure to cash in on the long weekend holidays happening in March and April. No need to get the boss all worked up with leave applications, plan your holiday to match with the holiday of Holi ( has to be a holiday if you are in the North of India ). Or take off right in time for the bank holiday happening on the 1st of April with the yearly closing. Want to plan it later ? April will definitely have Good Friday, so be sure to cash in on that. Depending on which part of the country you are in, there is Gudi Padwa ( All of Maharashtra ) or Baisakhi ( most of Delhi and Punjab ) and even Poila Boisakh ( in West Bengal, Assam and Tripura ). If you have teenagers in the family , just finishing up their board exams right around March- this is a great time to gift them a well deserved Indian Family Bangkok holiday.

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